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Available November 6

Make Some Noise:

The Unconventional Road to Dominance

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Ken Schmidt Make Some Noise book cover

What kind of noise are you making -- an indistinguishable hum or an instantly-recognized, Harley-like roar?

No matter what business you’re in, your target customers can’t see any meaningful differences between you and your competitors, which is why they’ll buy from whoever offers the lowest price or is the most convenient. Like each player in your industry, you’ve tried every flavor-of-the-month fix available – like “re-branding” and social media – to lose your commodity status, improve your competitiveness, attract customers and keep them loyal to you, but came up short. Hear that hum?

It’s time to hit the road and have some fun with Ken Schmidt and his earth-shaking new book, “Make Some Noise.”

Ride along with him and use his proven, step-by-step instructions to become the best positioned, most dominant and sought-after player in your market. And reap the benefits of fiercely loyal, passionately vocal customers -- that Harley-like roar -- and a work culture hell-bent on keeping them that way. Even if you’re in a dull, unsexy industry.

As director of communication for Harley-Davidson during the pivotal years of its acclaimed rags-to-riches turnaround, it was Ken’s job to improve the motorcycle legend’s blackened reputation, create demand for its products and attract big-time investors. Spectacular success gave him an all-access pass behind executive doors the world over, so much so that since leaving Harley he’s worked with more than 1,000 businesses in every imaginable industry and became one of the most demanded advisers, thought leaders and keynote speakers alive. His passion is as contagious as his energy.

With a little help from Ken’s favorite teaching tools – motorcycles – “Make Some Noise” will show you how to: Make competing to dominate your business’s primary objective; Create bulletproof positioning and influence marketplace narrative; Uncover and promote your business’s hidden inimitable strengths; Harness the power of a work culture that’s driven to please; Generate tattoo-worthy loyalty among your important publics; Convert customers into passionately vocal advocates who will bring you new customers; Vastly improve your leadership skills, and; Exploit Ken’s failproof “secret ingredient” for improving like-ability.

Further giving “Make Some Noise” must-read status are the facts that it’s as applicable for improving your personal competitiveness as it is for your business, it’s buzzword-free and surprisingly entertaining from start to finish.

Start your engine. Your journey to dominating competitors begins now.

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